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 Review Talk for Thought


The Smart Swarm  by  Peter Miller



from Pages 229-231


"Like other famous stadium disasters, the Manila stampede was a frightening reminder of the inherent dangers of large crowds. ...
"The same thing happens in nature sometimes when instincts go haywire. ...
"Several hundred of the insects were running around and around in a circle, as if caught up in an invisible whirlpool." ...
"When the rain had stopped...they laid down a circular trail of pheremone that other ants soon followed. After a while the trail was so strong that none of them could escape. ...
"By the end of the day, the ants had been going around and around for more than fifteen hours.
... "On the spot of yesterday's phenomenon little or no circling is to be seen. The entire area is strewn with the bodies of dead and dying Ecitons" ...
"The ants had followed each other to the bitter end."